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HERS Simulation Test required for existing Raters!

So, I'm scheduled to take this test next week. I've practiced and I'm ready. The software is flawed and this simulation does absolutely nothing to make me a better HERS Rater. All it does it make me more confused on how to enter different heating/cooling systems because this program is very particular on how you enter those systems. The program can be tricky and you can miss out on points by simply entering "N/A" instead of leaving something blank. I would have rather used the $350 to attend Rater Fest or something.


  • David ButlerDavid Butler Posts: 3,889
    You're not alone. Here's a discussion from 3 years ago: http://archive.homeenergypros.org/discussion/4020/
  • Yeah, the combustion safety simulation was helpful if I actually worked in the existing home market. This current simulation Raters are required to take by this summer is a complete waste and is just lining some favored company's pockets. If you can imagine, this simulation is a dumbed down version of the CAZ simulation.
  • I agree that this is a complete waste of time and money for anyone that is already doing ratings. I can see some usefulness in it for raters in training. I also agree that there are some ambiguities and flaws in the simulations. If that were not bad enough, I took the simulation this morning and it did not save my simulated run on home #1 and I had to take it again. Then it did it a second time. Talk about frustrated!!!!! I decided not to take it again today and will reschedule next week when they have hopefully fixed the issue. I can understand retaking it if for some reason I failed but to have it not even register that I completed it. TWICE!!!! ARGH!!!!! Sorry for the rant but I would like to hear if anyone else has similar issues.
  • I skipped the RESNET conference this year and put that money towards the SIM Testing. It would have been better spent going to the Conference.
  • Just got an email that this has been pushed back to September now due to browser issues which also includes not allowing anyone trying to do the practice SIM access - not sure going to the conference gets you out of the SIM though I could be wrong on that
  • All Raters have to take the SIM testing. There is no other way.
  • I passed and I'm so glad this is behind me! FYI, don't spend too much time practicing on the 2 sample houses. The two houses on the test are completely different.
  • This is nothing more than a money grab. We, as raters, already pay for our providers to QA us in person. This exam proves nothing.
  • Tim HaleTim Hale Posts: 2
    What bothers me is this was a known issue (that the Unity Player was going to stop working).

    Mozzila (Firefox) announced in the fall of 2015 that "by the end of 2016", they were going to stop supporting NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) plug-ins. Unity is one such plugin.

    Not sure why the removal of plugins support was delayed until March 7, 2017, but the SIM program should have never been written to include the Unity plugin.

    Yet I'm reading on one provider's web site that "On Mar. 7, 2017, Firefox unexpectedly made changes to its browser that resulted in mass disruptions on software programs using the browser." Sort of supports the 'money grab' theory others have put forth.
  • Can you say updated.... http://thehtrc.com/2017/resnet-3d-rater-sim - new deadline is Feb 1st, RESNET will provide how-to pass videos, you get three chances, and no proctoring required
  • David ButlerDavid Butler Posts: 3,889
    Thanks for posting that. An apology would be in order to all those who struggled and stressed over this with their livelihood was at stake.
  • Sean Lintow SrSean Lintow Sr Posts: 153
    edited August 2017
    Here is the YouTube channel of promised videos...