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Top 6 Drivers of Healthy Home Assessments

Key take-aways from a recent webinar with BPI, HUD, GHHI, and HHS regarding the new BPI Healthy Home Evaluator designation.


  • these are all good points and to date I've never seen a reciprocating value on an appraisal. I can confirm the same with a green building certification from the Florida Green Building Coalition. Even that doesn't really get a corresponding uptick in appraised value. Builders are risk averse, it either has to pay for itself in higher value, provide significant marketing advantages(not yet) by selling faster or bringing in more interest. Now if a gov't program wants to pay for the added value by subsidizing it, that's a different animal. Affordable housing programs are the proper place for working out the kinks. In Florida it's one of the "incentives or requirements" if you want affordable housing funds to make your project work.These features do bring added value- healthier homes, lower maintenance costs, but the appraisal industry doesn't read the HUD/EPA white papers.
  • The Introduction to Green Course for appraisers is being offered in Ft Lauderdale, FL on February 24, 2017. http://www.myappraisalinstitute.org/edu ... x?id=39150
    To date, we only have a couple appraisers registered. If builders would insist on lenders hiring appraisers with knowledge of green, you'd see a change. The "Getting It Right" brochure lays it all out for builders, contractors, & real estate agents. It includes a sample letter to notify the lender of the green & energy features. Lenders are required to hire appraisers with requisite knowledge/competency. But so far, no one is pushing the issue but you can change that by notifying the builders of the process. https://www.appraisalinstitute.org/asse ... _Flyer.pdf
    Builders must sell their houses for more in order to see appraisals reflect higher values also. The data comes first, not the appraisals. How often does anyone advertise the energy or green features in a meaningful way?