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NARI proposing some business "standards" -- which do you incorporate in your hvac, hp, audit business?

Thanks, Chandler, for pointing me to the discussion NARI is trying to have with remodelers (no, not the vast hordes, but that subset of those looking to do better: http://www.nari.org/members/standards-review/

We talk a lot about the technical here, and often get into lively program and policy debates that good on and on (and get repeated and repeated). All good conversations to have. I argue, though, no program will ever save your business in the long term. Only you can do that. How much time do you spend working on the business rather than working in the business?
(BTW, as Chandler also reminded me yesterday, working with contractors who want to not just do good work, but do it for the long haul, is what makes participating in things like HPC's business workshops so fun and rewarding. A couple are coming up in Pittsburgh and Philly in September--open to anyone. http://www.homeperformance.org/conferen ... hop-series)