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Resource for posting course offerings

Bristol Community College here in Fall River MA is providing some really great courses from BA to RESNET 380 testing. The tough part is letting folks know they exist. Any suggestions on where we can post them?



  • A broad based marketing program that addresses both the constructors and the home & building owners and that puts them together with financing packages is required. The problem with the energy efficient movement up to this point in time is that for the most part only one aspect of what needs to be addressed has been undertaken by the various pieces promoting their single field. A comprehensive community-wide effort is what is required.

    Paul, send your E-mail address to me at << tivasamoht@aol.com >> and I will supply some more details.
  • Hi Paul, We use all of these, Facebook, LinkedIn , targeted monthly email, Constant Contact. All have links to NYSWDA's registration and training description page. We had over 800 attendees last year...you must also offer CEU's through BPI or NATE, that's the added draw...
  • Hi Paul, YES! This is perfect for a site called "My Energy Gateway." This is a site dedicated to helping people find educational courses (from technical schools to advanced degrees) in energy efficiency and climate change. Community colleges were a big focus when we were building the site.
    www.aesp.org (owns the site)
  • We have similar challenges with publicizing the energy program at Lakes Region Community College. Part of the challenge is that demand for trainings can be affected by many different external forces- cost of energy, energy program credentialing requirements, weather-based changes in fuel consumption, energy mentions in local media, etc.
    BPI CEU portal can helpful for general listing of relevant courses. Home Energy used to have a training portal, but I don't think it is active. Nice to hear about the MyEnergyGateway. In addition to avenues Matt mentioned, builders trade associations, energy professional trade associations, code professional organizations, energy NGOs, state energy offices can be useful for getting the word out about trainings. I think an even bigger challenge is getting high school students interested in energy!