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Share your BPI BA field test crib sheet?

It's been three years since I took the BA field test, and I'm doing it for the third time later this week. I ransacked my office but sadly seem to have misplaced the crib sheet I used last time, which had a nice step-by-step list to follow during the test. Does anyone here have one they've used and would care to share? Thank you.


  • David - Send me your email address to praymer@tamtech.com and I will send you the BPI 1200 check-list that I give to my students. It might help. At the very least, go to the BPI.org web site and download the BA Field Guide. That is exactly what the proctor uses for the field test. It's not in a step by step format so you may to have to rearrange it a bit.
  • As a BPI proctor and cert holder, Paul is spot on.