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BPI Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE) Second Pilot Certification Form Now Available

In the beginning of April, BPI launched the first form of the Healthy Home Evaluator (HHE) credential pilot exam at the ACI National Home Performance Conference in Austin, TX. This first form has been completed in the pilot phase and the second form is now available. Results from both forms will be released after the second form pilot phase is complete. The credential builds upon a prerequisite of the BPI Building Analyst (BA), Energy Auditor (EA) or Quality Control Inspector (QCI) certifications to verify competencies required to conduct in-depth healthy home environmental risk assessments.

The credential is a critical building block for home performance contractors and WAP providers participating in DOE's Weatherization Plus Health initiative. In addition to the whole house building science knowledge already demonstrated by the BA, EA or QCI certifications, the HHE certification verifies the individual has the skills to assess, collect and analyze home health-based data, and develop a prioritized scope of work to address hazards.

To view the HHE Pilot Certification Scheme Handbook, which lists the testing knowledge list and a list of valuable references please go to www.bpi.org/hhe.

To take the pilot exam please contact any BPI Test Center, find a Test Center near you. If you are having trouble locating a Test Center contact BPI at pilot@bpi.org.

-Written exam only
-50 questions
-Prerequisite: BPI Building Analyst (BA), Energy Auditor (EA) OR Quality Control Inspector (QCI) certification
-Exam cost: $200.00

*Note: According to DOE's WPN 15-4, the Healthy Home Evaluator credential is an eligible Tier 2 training activity that can be paid for along with certification exam fees with DOE Training and Technical Assistance funds.

Test scores will not be released until the pilot is concluded and a cut score has been set. We anticipate this to be finalized by Fall 2016.