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I wish to conduct an energy audit of the classrooms at my Uni. Any insight on the parameters that I should base my audit report on?

Bhanu Duggal#Bhanu Duggal# Posts: 2
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  • Calculate the surface areas of walls roof /ceiling and floor. Similar for Windows and doors. Determine insulation values of each of these components and calculate how well the shell of the classroom loses or gains energy to or from the environment . Calculate how many students will use the room and determine how much energy each person will deliver to the room, and how often the room air needs to be refreshed with new clean air from the outside.
  • Brad CookBrad Cook Posts: 153
    I have done walk-through audits of several local schools. In some I was able to place a CO2/Temp./RH monitor. I found several instances of rather high CO2 levels (>~1200 ppm) in classrooms. Hi CO2 is an indication of poor ventilation. Besides the obvious envelope and lighting issues, look at high energy use items. In one school, the hot water for the kitchen was heating in a boiler room 100s of feet away and the piping had to pass through areas, such as a gym, where there was no need or use for hot water. That kitchen would use less energy if it had a hot water heater at the kitchen. An air compressor that seems to run quite often, may be making up for some big leaks in the compressed air system. Fixing some big leaks can save a bunch of electricity.