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Quick Q&A with GMP's CEO. A corporate philosophy that responds to the people.


  • David ButlerDavid Butler Posts: 3,889
    The NY Times just published in in-depth article on GMP & Mary Powell.
  • It's not just GMP, we have a supportive PUC, legislature and of course a very active Efficiency Vermont. Can't forget to mention Vermont Energy Efficiency Corp. which operates a bit less publically but is a real force for efficiency. This is my basis of comparison and the explanation why I believe the utilities, that are pushing back against efficiency and renewables, have little regard for the people and only concerned about increasing revenues to appease investors. I said a couple of years ago that the propaganda about grid failure if we go over 20% renewables was hooey and just a scare tactic to stall renewables. Even though it is fairly expensive to live in this state, I appreciate our commitment to efficiency, renewables and environment.