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Dillon petition

Bruce GlanvilleBruce Glanville Posts: 35
edited June 29 in Coffee Shop (BYOC)
Brett Dillon is circulating a partition to curtail RESNET on line 3D test because of inconsistent results. I signed it because I think it doesn't reflect the real world, feels like a RESNET money grab and I'm tired of endless bickering with BPI.



  • Sean Lintow SrSean Lintow Sr Posts: 151
    48 have signed so far... 425 have taken the test out of???
    Sorry but I think the boat has sailed on this piece of *&^% so we are stuck simply playing their game (yes pun intended) just like we had to do for the CAZ.
    Just curious what this exam has to do with BPI / bickering
    For those still needing to, I did a tips piece here http://thehtrc.com/2017/resnet-3d-rater-sim

    I also attached RESNET's email attachment from yesterday on why it is so good / the work that went into it

    Should it die, yes but don't hold your breath - it wont

  • David ButlerDavid Butler Posts: 3,884
    From RESNET's doc: "there was a long and arduous process followed in developing and testing the practical simulation. Some of the best minds in the HERS industry reviewed the test and provided input to improve it."

    Seriously? Is this RESNET's rebuttal? Nothing about the technical failures?

    Just because all those industry experts were involved in creating and implementing the test doesn't mean everyone approves of the result.
  • If RESNET and BPI were more collaborative I wouldn't have had to take the CAZ test since all of the combustion safety issues are addressed in BPI certification which I had 2 off at the time. Just whining.
  • Everyone that played the game should get a refund. Simple as that.
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